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The song comes in 7 files so that you can mix and match the loops as you please. The files are:

  • Build up: Here the song starts slowly with few sounds and more get added until it reaches the "main loop."
  • Break Down: Here the sounds in the song slowly fade away as the song "ends"
  • Loop: First loop is the main loop.
  • LoopTwo: This is the second loop, this loop gets a small melody added on top.
  • LoopThree: Here the notes get played a little different with with shorter time. Can be used as a "Hurry up" music sound.
  • Win: This is a winning sound
  • Loose: This is a loosing sound


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Minimalistic Loops.zip 13 MB


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You have 3 amazing packs. But tell us about license.

I'm using this for a little game jam game I'm working on, it fits the theme perfectly! It gives it stardew-valley-wizard-tower vibes!


I love it! Perfect for my first simple platformer project. :D

Glad to hear it! Good luck on your project :)